Integrate MailJet with WP Subscribers

here the tutorial to use MailJet with WP Subscribers

first, about Mailjet, it's a recent company in emailing services, they are less famous than Mailchimp and Aweber, but they become more and more popular, as you can see in Alexa, there are several reason to consider, their API, their international support ( interface available in French, German and probably more ). You can use them to deliver your email ( SMTP replacement )

Alexa ranking history for Mailjet

Let's see how it has been integrated with WP Subscribers to collect email in their system?

First, you need to open an account from Mailjet

Or using the nice banner 🙂


Then we will use the API access, so please log in, go to your account and locate the terms :
REST API , then click on Master API Key

You will be able to note down the 2 keys :

API KEY =   71ac39bca9c590994790d4ba94194cc4

SECRET KEY =   e8c8cdde01c1c384267e691031291593
You are done for this part, you will have to put these keys in WP Subscribers

in the submenu of the plugin in your wordpress admin bar, please select : others settings

Fill MailJet in WP Subscriber api and secret key

You can save, and swith to the usual section : Setup Optin Code


Create a new HTML Opt-in Code as follows

create Mailjet Optin form
put this value for Form Action URL :  /wp-content/plugins/wpsubscribers/mailjet.php

be careful to put the starting “/” or if you are not sure put your wordpress blog domain like :

in form EMAIL field : put  email

for now, Mailjet supports only email , it is not possible to add any additionnal field in the form, so don't email us about it 🙂 we can't do anything from now, we will update when it will be available.

Hidden fields :  <input type=”hidden” name=”list_id” value=”xxxxx”>

Now you need to replace xxxxx by the number of your email list ( you can create as many email list you need ) but to find this ID value in Mailjet interface, it is quite hidden, so I did a video for you.

How to find email list ( contact list ) in Mailjet ?

one you have replace the list ID, you are done, the popup will send the email collected to mailjet, and you won't

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