Integrate mailchimp in your wordpress with API with wpsubscribers

With WPSubscribers version 1.53 a API level support for Mailchimp has been implemented.

the old version was using a copy / paste of a form you were creating with Mailchimp access, it was causing some issues and may be kind of painful for some people.

Mailchimp API lets you have a fine control on your integration. Here is the step by step tutorial

1 ) Get or Create your API key from your mailchimp account

2 ) in WPSubscribers, go to “others settings” and put your API key

3 ) Get your List_id from Mailchimp

Connect to Mailchimp again, click on list and settings


from the list , you will the submenu Settings , then List Settings and Unique ID

you will have a special ID to copy like in this screenshot

3 ) you need to set up your form as usual

in Form Action URL: put exactly this value

If you use WordPress in multisite version use the complete url like

form name field is FNAME or anything else defined in mailchimp
default is FNAME, refer to the form code to adjust the field values

UPDATE ! depending on your host, you may name to use “email” and not “EMAIL” it's lowercase sensitive

If you have anything, please contact us, or let a comment, and we will adjust it for you.

Important : ADD in hidden fields this line :

<input type="hidden" name="list_id" value="xxxxx">

where you replace xxxxx by your mailchimp list ID



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