How to setup and active your WPSubscribers Plugin

In this tutorial, I will show you how to download, setup and active your WPSubscribers Plugin:

Step 1:

After purchase plugin you will receive an email that has your login ID number (except Clickbank customers), something like this:

  • if you purchase this product via Paypal, check your email to get the login number.
  • if you purchase this product via Digi results, check your email to get the login number (AP-xxxx)
  • if you purchase this product via Clickbank, the login number is your Clickbank receipt code.

(If you don't receive any login ID number within 24 hours please immediately contact us about this problem)

Step 2:

You go to our member area at: and login with your order email and the login ID number that you get in step 1.

Step 3:

In member area, you can see the download link and do register license for your WordPress blog URL (follow the tutorial in the member area) (Unlimited license user don't need to register URLs here)

Step 4:

Install the plugin:
Method 1: In this method, you don't need to download/upload the plugin.
Go to the plugin install section of WordPress, search for a plugin called as: “One Click Plugin Updater” and install this additional plugin:

After install and active this plugin, comeback to the plugin install section of WordPress, choose “Install a plugin” menu:

Paste the download link for my plugin that you got in Step 3 into the URL field and click Install:

Method 2: (Traditional way) Unzip the download package in your local computer, you will get a “wpsubscribers” folder, then use any FTP software to upload this folder to your host at wp-content/plugins/ in Binary Mode.

I've seen someone use this way to upload the plugin:

But it's not recommend because the package is too large to upload (it may exceed your web host limit) and sometimes makes error like: The uploaded file could not be moved to xxx (This is a common error due to permissions and you need to chmod 777 entire wp-content and wp-content/upload directory, but it's not a good way).

Step 5:

active plugin and you will see something like this:

Simply login with the info at member area page and your plugin is activated!

If you receive error like:
Invalid header: other plugins may conflict with this new one and you need to disable them before active my plugin.
No license found for your email address and/or your order receipt number: re-check your login information or contact us.
Incorrect License URL: means your login information is correct, but the plugin couldn't find any approriate URLs in your member area, you need to check at step 3 again.

Notes:,,,,… are all different, please follow exactly the tutorial in member area.

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