How to make WP Polls popup with WPSubscribers

Engaging users with polls is a great way to know more about them, they feel you are interested in their opinion and valuable feedbacks. This way, not only you make them happy ( if you know how to ask the good questions ) but you will also learn a lot about needs and wishes.

To make this tutorial , we will use another plugin called WP Polls, you can download it here

you will see, it is very easy to use it, if you think we need to make a video to manage this part, just ask

1 ) Download WP Polls , install and activate it in WordPress

You are probably skilled to install it easily
manually, or searching in the Plugins wordpress directory

2 ) Configure a set of Polls

Create quicky any polls you want, in our case, we ask what color they prefer, ( to tease their sense of curiosity about why we ask this question ), or what mobile they own, anything relative to your activity

3 ) Create a custom optin

in Content, you need to put the shortcode

[poll id=”-2″]

you can put any of your own text below or on top of the polls

you have 2 choices, either you want to fix the polls which will be displayed and you just need to put the appropriate ID in the shortcode

or you use [poll id=”-2″] and the polls will be randomly displayed.

in Custom CSS , please add these lines of code

{border-radius: 15px;}

first line will define some space around your content and the poll, so it will be nicer to read and reply
the second line will round the corner of the popup, to make it a little bit more sophisticated.

in Custom jQuery : ( Optional )

jQuery(‘#popup a').click(function(){

this line is optional, it will close the popup on any click on a link. but if you want to do it on a submit form action, you can use another code ( we will publish more code like this )

that's ALL !  you are done.

now you will be able to list this survey or polls in any page you want, but please be aware for now, there is no action to know they didn't reply yet ( on a WPSubscribers point of view ), only the WP-Polls will rotate or display the results .

please let  us know what you think and what could be improved to make the best popup with poll for wordpress plugin.

SEE THE DEMO ( it's a live test in a french web site )

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