How to create an opt-in form and put it anywhere as you want

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The live demo of this tutorial at here:

Create a new custom form:

Step 1: You need to go to “Create Custom Opt-in Form” tab and stick the checkbox as image below:

Step 2: Customize your new form, for example:

– If the advance text-editor and color-picker is not avaible, you need to press “Save Changes” button first.

Step 3: After finish edit your new form, please press “Save Changes” button and notice the new created custom-form ID, in my example, it's 0:

Put this new-created form anywhere:

In my case, the new-created form has the ID is 0 and therefor, if I want to display this form in the post/page content, I'll insert this shortcode in the location I want:
[wps_custom_form id=0]
and if I want to display this form not in post/page content but in other locations, I need to modify my theme template file, and put this code in:
<?php wps_custom_form('0'); ?>

Put this new-created form in sidebar:

Additionaly, you can put this form in the sidebar by this way:

A bit of customization:

In order to create the form like this:

I just need to add these line of codes to the “Custom CSS” box (for old version of plugin):

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