How to create a Post Opt-in Form

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A post Opt-in form with Wpsubscribers plugin is an opt-in form that appears in all of your blog posts (you can still disable it in an individual post), this type of opt-in form can only appear at the top or bottom of your post:

Here we go:

Step 1:
– Go to “Create Opt-in Forms” in Wpsubscribers admin panel, and then choose “Create Post Opt-in Form” tab:
– Stick “Enable post opt-in form” checkbox:

Step 2: add content into your new form:

The sample content is the same with popup, so you can copy from there.

Step 3: Press “Save Changes” button and you've done it 🙂

A bit of customization:

– In order to create a post opt-in form like this, you simply put the code below into the “Custom CSS” field:
.ia_content, .ia_form {float:left}
.ia_content {width:50%}
.ia_form {width:50%}

(I removed the image as well, it's too big!)

– If you want to change the form background image, put this code in the “Custom CSS” field:
{background: url(}
Replace with your image url, and the result will be:

You can do this with other opt-in forms of Wpsubscribers plugin as well, basic CSS skills required 🙂

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