Create your first Pop-up Opt-in Form

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Step 1: Go to “Create Opt-in Forms” admin panel in Wpsubscribers plugin.
Locate to “Create Opt-in Popup” tab and then stick the “Enable Opt-in Popup” checkbox.
Press “Create New Popup” button.
Press “Save Changes” button and you'll see:

Step 2: Customize this popup, in this example, I will use a template 1 and color 1.
For starter, I will click on “Insert sample content” button, the plugin will auto fill all necessary fields for you.

Step 3: Press “Save Changes” button.

Step 4: By default, your new popup will not show on your blog. In this step, the first thing you need to do is remember the new created popup ID, in this example, my popup ID is: 0:

After that, click on “Display Location” tab, you will see your new created popup here:

In this tab you can choose exactly which page your popup will appear. In this example, I want my poup appear in all pages, so I click on “select all” button.

Step 5: Press “Save Changes” button and now you can see your popup on website!

Don't see it? Please read this tutorial:

  • To prevent Flash objects from “bleeding through” the popup, make sure to set the wmodeproperty for your object and embed elements to either opaque or transparent(reference).
  • For YouTube videos (and perhaps other objects), add type="application/x-shockwave-flash" in the object tag to prevent issues in IE6. Tip provided by Jimish Shah.

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