Create your first Footerbar Opt-in Form

A live example of this tutorial is here:

Step 1:
– Go to “Create Opt-in Forms” in Wpsubscribers admin panel, and then choose “Create Footer Opt-in Form” tab:

– Stick on “Enable footer opt-in form” checkbox:

Step 2: Modify your footerbar content like me:

What's form width?

Step 3:
– Press “Save Changes” button then look at this new created Footerbar ID, in my example it's: 0

Step 4: Click on “Display Location” tab to set which page this footerbar will appear:

After that, press “Save Changes” button and your footer-bar is ready!

A bit of customization:

Another example of Footerbar is:

To create a footerbar like this one just modify 2 things:

First: Change the “Display Mode” to “Slide Mode“, this will make the footerbar only display when you scroll-down the web page.

Second: Put the code below into the “Custom CSS” box:
.footer-optin-inner-content {float:left;width:75%}
form {float:right;clear:right}
input {float:right;clear:right}
input[type=submit] {margin-right:50px}

– Press “Save Changes” button and the result would be:

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