Create your first Exit-popup

A live example of this tutorial is here:

Step 1:
– Go to “Create Opt-in Forms” in Wpsubscribers admin panel, and then choose “Create Exit popup” tab:

– Then stick on “Enable exit popup” checkbox:

Step 2: Modify your new Exit-Popup content, for example:

Please note that you can't put HTML code in the exit-popup content, just keep plain text.

Then press “Save Changes” button.

Step 3: look at the Popup ID of your new exit-popup, in my example, it's 0

– Click on “Display Location” tab and choose where will this new popup appear:

– Press “Save Changes” button and your exit-popup is ready!

A bit of customization:

Someone asked me that how to create a double or triple exit-popup, it means:

  1. When visitor click the close button (on his web browser), the exit popup appear.
  2. He continue click the close button, the exit popup appear again (another exit popup) and so on.

Here is how to make this:

  1. Page A is a page that has exit-popup number 1.
  2. Exit-popup number 1 redirect visitor to page B.
  3. Page B has another exit popup: exit-popup number 2….

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