Use Feedburner with WPSubscribers

How to use feedburner with WPSubscribers ?

  • Go to
  • Enter your feed URL
  • Complete with your informations
  • In the next screen you can configure more feedburner, in your case use the link “Skip directly to feed management”  and click on Publisize > Email Subscriptions And Activate the service
  • Now you have a page with the subscription form
  • Now just copy / paste the form information into Setup Opt-in Code in you WP Subscribers plugin
  • Name the Opt-In code, clic on “Detect your form code”
    add this code in other fields :<input type=”text” name=”captcha” id=”verifyBox” style=”width:120px” />

    and Save

  • Now you can use the FeedBurner Opt-in Code in all your PopUp, header bar, footer bar, …


How to make WP Polls popup with WPSubscribers

Engaging users with polls is a great way to know more about them, they feel you are interested in their opinion and valuable feedbacks. This way, not only you make them happy ( if you know how to ask the good questions ) but you will also learn a lot about needs and wishes.

To make this tutorial , we will use another plugin called WP Polls, you can download it here

you will see, it is very easy to use it, if you think we need to make a video to manage this part, just ask

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