Facebook Connect + Custom Popup Design

This post has a custom design popup and a Facebook connect button created by WPSubscribers Plugin.

You can see here the use of the code :

<code><fb:login-button size=”large” v=”2″ perms=”email,publish_stream” autologoutlink=”true”></fb:login-button></code>


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Test php method

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13 Responses to Facebook Connect + Custom Popup Design

  1. Robert says:

    Wow! This is truly amazing! I can’t wait to implement it into my blogs! Heading to purchase your Cheap WSO right now : )

    – Robert

  2. As says:

    Wow!!! Superb!

  3. This is truly revolutionary. Brilliant innovation!!

  4. Juergen says:

    Already on my way to get this!

  5. DesDrec says:

    Bloddy hell! This is an awesome plugin. I was just gonna purchase another one when I stumbled across this one.

    I especially like the redirect to homepage one. I can see how that would increase your sign up rate with just that one feature.

    Purchasing now, cheers!

  6. Kevin Kimes says:

    Excellent plugin. Might just have to pick this one up.

  7. Wow.. the facebook popu plugin.. really rocks.. Gonna purchase now!

  8. Boaz Sawicki says:

    All I can say is WOW. Your plugin is amazing.

  9. Graham Hall says:

    The possibilities are endless with this awesome plugin. It should pay for itself in record time!

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  11. james says:

    you made this great plugin and one of most i liked facebook connect and subscription button, when site load.


  12. the version has been updated, you need to grab the latest WPSubscribers 1.42 to use Facebook Connect again ( update from Facebook )

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