A Page without Popup Form

But has Footer-bar form, scroll down to see it!

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6 Responses to A Page without Popup Form

  1. Mike says:

    Footer-bar form not working.:)

  2. Great plugins.. where could I purchase it?

  3. Hank says:

    I also could not see the footer bar popup form after scrolling down the page, but found that I could see it after clearing my cookies. Since I had seen a footer form on another page and closed it, I was not being shown the footer form on this page. Does your program allow for closing a footer form on one page, post, or category without setting a cookie that disables footer forms on other pages, posts, or categories?

  4. Thomas says:

    You would think that companies like aweber would create a tool like this but I guess it takes an entrepreneur like you to use your genius to create such a great tool. Thank you!

  5. I confirm, even when I read the bottom of the page, I didn’t see anything

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