Configure the time settings of plugin

Someone tell me that after setup the popup/footer bar, they don't see anything happen on their websites. It's because they've not configure the “Time Settings” of this plugin (in “Other settings” panel).

Why they faced with that problem? Because, Wpsubscribers plugin, by default, will show your pop-up/footer-bar only 1 times in a week / per visitor, so they don't have chance to see it again. If you are going to setup a new popup and do testing on it, it's recommend that you set your popup/footer-bar shows many times like this:

How to setup your Opt-in form code

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After activate the plugin, this step is a “must have” step before you create any opt-in form with Wpsubscribers plugin.

Step 1: Copy your html form code from your email company, then go to “Setup Opt-in Code” in Wpsubscribers admin panel.

Step 2: paste the code in step 1 into “Code Detector” box and press “Detect your form code” button:
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